Man 200 Rhapsody Bleu Minéral

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Collection Man 200 version Rhapsody, la taille plus courte et plus fine du Man 100, en résine irisée bleu foncé, datant de la fin des années 80. Bloc section et embouts plats en résine noire, attributs plaqués or. Equipé d'une plume Waterman "Idéal" en or bicolore 18 carats. Taille de plume : Fine Système de remplissage mixte, à cartouche ou convertor (non fourni).

En excellent état, livré sans son écrin d'origine.

Waterman celebrated its centennial in 1983 with the introduction of the Man 100 pen. The Man 100 line began with a large black plastic pen, 5 5/8 inches long capped, with gold plated trim and a large two-tone 18 karat gold nib with the "Ideal" marking. The design of the pen combined elements of the tubular hard rubber pens of the early history of the company with a new version of the C/F clip, borrowing an element of post-modern Waterman design, to create a new and elegant large pen.

The Man 200 is a smaller and thinner version of the Man 100, introduced in 1985 and discontinued in the late 1990's or early 2000. Same tubular profile, two cap rings, two end rings, and gold plated trim. This version known as "Rhapsody Mineral blue" was introduced in 1992. Mineral finishes are more celluloid-like and look like dark gem-like flakes in stone. Made in iridescent blue resin, fitted with a 18 K two-tone Fine nib, filling system with cartridge or converter. The Man 100 has a finned feed while the Man 200 has a flat feed. In excellent condition, no box.

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